TEDDY children's bed

TEDDY children's bed
TEDDY children's bedTEDDY children's bedTEDDY children's bed


Teddy bed was designed by FORMED with special concern for safety and specific needs of both children and parents.
The bed was adapted to the ergonomic requirements and anthropometric data for the targed audience.

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Based on research...

The project was based on research conducted in pediatric hospitals, observations, interviews with children, caregivers and medical personnel. To address the recognized needs, among others, the following solutions were introduced: handheld worktop located within reach of the child and easy to assemble and disassemble, containers suspended on the bottom cover of the bed to hold belongings of the child and family members. Project realized in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (Poland).

Modern solution - column construction of the bed

This modern solution has a number of advantages, especially easy cleaning and possibility of monitoring a patient with C- arm. It also positively affects the aesthetics of the product, gives the impression of lightness and simplicity

Child- friendly 

Child-friendly design with a top showing Bear's face in various colors. Bed dimensions are addapted to children from the age group 6-12 years and thanks to bed extension can be used for childern with height up to 180 cm.

Range of height adjustment

The minimum height allows the child to get on the bed alone. A child can comfortably sit on a bed. This height is similar to a standard chair, which makes it easier to contact the caregiver. The maximum height of the bed is suitable for medical staff.

Very functional

Standard bed is equipped in very comfortable and important accessories:
Removable head and footboards
Easy to assemble and dismantle cointainers to store patient’s objects - mounted on steel hooks fixed to the bottom of the structure. They are made of plastic, have no sharp edges and nooks where dirt can accumulate
Full length side rails – easily foldable with one hand

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